Henry, and I thought it important to start Nutty Kitchen because
I used to suffer from high spikes of energy levels, which would make me crash to the point that I began to feel tingly, nauseous and faint. I could never get caught without an energy bar or apple or something in my bag.  I actually passed out at Macy’s while I was shopping with my mom.  I have always been a very healthy eater and workout regularly. I have always consumed plenty of water, gotten ample sleep and have been in excellent physical health. I have never had elevated blood sugar levels or other problems during my check ups, so I could not understand why I kept having such problems.
My husband began to research holistic, alternative medicine, and other healthy living sites.  We discovered that we had been doing everything right with the exception of eating grains and legumes.  We began learning more about why they are so unhealthy for humans and discovered the problem with my energy spikes and valleys. And then we found Mark’s Daily Apple, and Mark’s eye opening book the Primal Blueprint! Everyone needs to read this book at least once.
Mark Sisson changed our lives by sharing his way of life.
We went Primal and began to eat a Paleolithic Diet!

We got rid of all of our grains, legumes, sugar and flour and substituted, coconut oil, blanched almond flour, almond and flaxseed meal in the preparation of all our meals.

Ever since I have cut grains and legumes from my personal nutrition, I no longer have to worry about getting sick. Since the dietary shift, I have not had a single day that I’ve felt nauseous or faint I have the same energy level all the time, I sleep better, I no longer need pain meds or experience bloating during those wretched monthly cycles, because my body is not inflamed.
So with that said, Nutty Kitchen was born to help spread health and happiness with healthy, gluten-free and grain-free cooking.
In our Nutty Kitchen you’ll find contemporary global recipes, Viennese baked goods, European delectables and some of my mom’s secret recipes.