How NK Came To Be

NUTTY KITCHEN – Founded in 2010

We are Henry and Jo Svendblad, and we thought it important to start Nutty Kitchen because we want to share a healthier way of eating. I used to suffer from high spikes of insulin levels fairly quickly after eating, which would make me feel faint.  Henry suffered from serious lactose intolerance his whole life. We have always been very healthy eaters and enjoy an active lifestyle. We have always consumed plenty of water, gotten ample sleep and have been in excellent physical health. We have never had elevated blood sugar levels or other issues during physicals, so it was hard for us to understand why we kept having such problems. 

We began to research holistic, alternative medicine, and other healthy living sites. We discovered that we had been doing everything right with the exception of eating gluten containing grains and legumes. We learned more about why they are so unhealthy for humans and discovered the problem. GLUTEN.

Eventually we found Mark’s Daily Apple, and Mark’s eye-opening book the Primal Blueprint! Everyone needs to read this book at least once. Mark Sisson changed our lives by sharing his way of life. Thank you, Mark!

Since we have cut gluten containing grains and legumes from our nutrition, both of us have re-calibrated; Henry is no longer lactose intolerant and my insulin reactions have disappeared.

With that said, Nutty Kitchen was born to help spread health and happiness with healthy gluten-free cooking. We want to help you change your relationship with your food one bite at a time. Real food and spices are medicine.

In our Nutty Kitchen you’ll find gluten-free recipes from around the world, including some of our family’s secret recipes, that showcase good fats, low glycemic recipes and more. Most of our offerings are suitable for folks with diabetes, celiac disease and those who are gluten intolerant.

Enjoy the recipes and food wisdom, they are all created with love from us.

Jo and Henry

Founders of NK