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We create gluten-free food, that is made with real ingredients and important spices for optimal health, nutrition and overall well-being. Our recipes are free for personal use. Most of our creations share food wisdom in the form of nutritional value and the healing properties of spices, which is important to us. Nutty Kitchen’s efforts are dedicated to helping you change your relationship to food one bite at a time.

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Born and raised in Austria, Jo Svendblad was a gymnast, cross country runner and avid horseback rider from an early age. When she moved to the United States as a teenager, she continued to explore her active lifestyle through food creations, and eventually falling in love with the practice of Yoga. A successful Stevie Award-winning people executive and professional coach, Jo has traveled throughout Europe, the Americas and Southeast Asia, experiencing different ways of life and amazing people along the way.

Passionate about healthy living and her philosophy of “cooking for life”, her approach to food honors the need for introspection while improving overall health and fostering a sense of community. Jo is certified in the Ashtanga/Vinyasa Flow tradition and studies Prana Vinyasa with Shiva Rea and Monica Mesa Dasi. She is a devoted Yogini, and imparts her wonderful passion for life and well-being through her teaching and food creations. Jo views the art of food creation as a path to self-exploration, an elevation of human consciousness, and a much-needed counterbalance to the stresses of modern life.


Founded in 2010

We thought it important to start Nutty Kitchen because we want to share a healthier way of eating, help you understand the importance of spices, real food and help you create a more intimate relationship to your food. Both my husband and I had health issues, such as high insulin spikes after eating and lactose intolerance. We were generally very healthy and athletic, but needed to figure out why we weren’t felling optimal. After about a year or so experimenting leaving out some foods, substituting others, we found that, for us, it simply was cutting out gluten, processed foods and soy. Our journey of researching holistic, alternative medicine, and other healthy living sites led us to Mark’s Daily Apple, and Mark’s eye-opening book the Primal Blueprint! Everyone needs to read this book at least once. Mark Sisson changed our lives by sharing his way of life. Thank you, Mark!

Since we have cut gluten containing grains and legumes from our nutrition, both of us have re-calibrated and are in optimal health, lean and full with energy. With that said, Nutty Kitchen was born to help spread health and happiness with healthy gluten-free cooking.

We want to help you change your relationship with your food one bite at a time. Real food and spices are medicine.

In our Nutty Kitchen you’ll find gluten-free recipes from around the world, including some of our family’s secret recipes, that showcase good fats, low glycemic recipes and more. Most of our offerings are suitable for folks with diabetes, celiac disease and those who are gluten intolerant.

Enjoy the recipes and food wisdom, they are all created with love from us.

Jo and Henry

Founders of NK


5 replies to About & Meet Jo
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  2. Good for you researching things finding our own cures.

    I am having great success in Bali after six months. I was in the USA Leelanau County for the whole Spring and Summer eating irradiated, processed packaged food. I feel so much better its amazing, although being a Blood Type ‘O Negative’ and having the ‘Hunter DNA Type’ I need meat.

    Gluten seems be OK only when it is true ‘Sour Dough Cultured’ which I can buy here but really my body does fine without it. I am 66 and people regularly think I am 45.

    Nice work!


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