Wild Black Rice Burger Patties with Dover Sole

It’s been a little while since we posted last, so very much has happened – the most important and sad is that we have lost our boy Tiger, who you see on our last post. We have not had the heart or mindset until now to think of other things. We will miss him forever! … ***** Thank you all for you patience in waiting for this post and thank you for your continued support and love. Today we would like to feature a new spin on how you serve a burger, your style and burger patty of choice. This … Continue reading Wild Black Rice Burger Patties with Dover Sole

Jo’s Indian Spiced Comfort Ground Beef

Sweet husband of mine made this fabulous dish for me. He had it waiting with the most perfectly baked Yucca, and had the perfect wine to pair, thanks Eric! I am truly lucky in every way. I was so smitten with these tastes that you, too, should be able to enjoy such a perfect combination of Indian spice blends…in a non-traditional Indian dish. Make it in advance and wow your family and friends. Ingredients: 3 lb. grassed beef, we buy ours from Date Creek Ranch (thank you!) 3 Tbsp Ghee 2 Inches of Ginger (peel) 4 Large Onions 2 Cinnamon … Continue reading Jo’s Indian Spiced Comfort Ground Beef

Mixed Ceviche (without Onions)

We love ceviche just about every way. This past spring we enjoyed some variations with juices and coconut milk  in Bogotá, Colombia. In my opinion, Colombia has some of the tastiest ceviche. Ours today has three different seafood in it, for taste and texture. We chose to leave the onions out of this dish this time, and we did not miss them, actually. It is very important to get enough lime juice and the proper balance of spices. I am not a big fan of adding spices in which the dish is marinating, rather we prefer to sprinkle cayenne and … Continue reading Mixed Ceviche (without Onions)

Boneless Leg of Lamb in Heavy Cream Sauce

My mom’s secret boneless leg of lamb recipe shared with you in honor of her. In this past visit she took such great care of us, cooking and loving us everyday, treating us to amazing meal after amazing meal. We could not help but to share this with you. As complex as this tastes, it is not that difficult to make. Top restaurants in Vienna serve this dish, in my opinion – not this good.  (and they use flour) Give this a try and please send us your feedback. The beautiful ingredients are: 5 lbs of leg of lamb, cut … Continue reading Boneless Leg of Lamb in Heavy Cream Sauce

Strawberries with Goat cheese wrapped in Pancetta

What a lovely dish this is. I like to serve this as an appetizer with some crisp perfectly chilled white wine. You can prep this ahead of time and then roast/saute them in a hot pan. The Pancetta will provide you with just enough fat to get these guys perfectly browned each side. This is so easy to make and it will make your dinner guests and friends smile! Here’s what you will need. 1/4 lb of Pancetta A bowl of large strawberries, the kind you’s buy for making chocolate covered ones 1/2 small wedge of goat cheese toothpicks Cut … Continue reading Strawberries with Goat cheese wrapped in Pancetta

Crab Cakes

We can never eat crab cakes because of the breading, but I love them. We haven’t eaten one in years, but recently, amazing Chef, Abbie accommodated me by making me gluten-free crab cakes. Thank you Chef Abbie! She has a wonderful restaurant in tucked away, but worthwhile to visit Cottonwood, AZ. We took a quick drive up to see our family that was visiting the Grand Canyon, and on the way down we met for a most wonderful day ending at Abbie’s. Our cousin, Rick Schwartz radio personality, treated us that night – thank you so much and it was … Continue reading Crab Cakes

Almond Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies

Have you ever wanted to bring something homemade to your friend’s house or a function, but decided not to because you thought it would take too long to make? Well now you’ll have a very easy, quick and super delicious recipe to whip up into a batch. Ingredients: 2 cups of almond meal 2 1/2 tbsp coconut oil (melted) 1/8 cup of coconut butter (mana) – melted pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt few drops of almond extract 4 cage free eggs 1/2 cup of dark semi-sweet chocolate chips generous 1/2 cup of coarsely chopped walnuts 1 tbsp palm sugar … Continue reading Almond Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cranberry Sauce

I have tasted many cranberry sauces and most of them are delicious, but usually too sweet for our taste. Try ours, you’ll be sure to like the well balanced tastes and it partners well with a variety of proteins aside from Turkey. Our recipe will yield 4 jars of sauce. We always make extra as it’s great to have around. The antioxidants and health benefits of cranberries are fabulous, and the palm sugar’s low glycemic index rating make this a superfood in our book. For reading more about the health benefits of cranberries, visit The Cranberry Institute. Ingredients: 4 – … Continue reading Cranberry Sauce

Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls

It’s about time that we share our fresh spring rolls with you. Our favorite version is this one, clean, fresh and delicious, perfectly suitable for lunch or an appetizer. The beauty about making your own spring rolls is that you can pretty much chose any ingredients that you like and enjoy, as long as they are fresh. Celebrate fresh ingredients whenever you can! Here are our ingredients for our fresh rolls: get a package of rice paper for spring rolls (you will have a lot left over for next time) baby arugula basil (remove all large stems) mint (leaves only) … Continue reading Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls