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Our mission is to help positively influence people’s relationship to food one bite at a time. The real understanding of the power of food which fuels us, only truly manifests when we pick them out with an intention of creating a meal for ourselves and our families. Feeding ourselves properly and nutritiously is not an inconvenience, rather it is a necessity and should be a beautiful experience. Eating healthy and becoming healthy cannot really be mandated by anyone other than you. Remember it is a conscious decision to eat “Clean and Truly Healthy” not a cleansing or a diet that you try for 30 days. Eating clean is a choice not a sacrifice, you’re really not giving anything up, you’re gaining strength, vitality and balance by choosing a gluten and grain-free way of life. Don’t just eat to overcome hunger, instead celebrate your food.


We focus on providing our foodie community with interesting recipes, nutrition facts, new and alternative ways to cook foods that may not be accessible to people that are gluten intolerant, celiac, or diabetic. All of our creations and those of our contributors must be Gluten Free, Real Food, Low Glycemic, and Non-processed.

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Once approved, open with a paragraph that either gives an idea about how to prepare the dish, or describes the nutritional benefit of one or more of the ingredients. Please include serving size and clear instructions. If you mention a study or statistic in your article, please include a link to the source. Any health claims should be sourced properly, be fully explained and backed up. Use brackets for your relevant links: i.e., [www.journalofnutrition]. Please don’t link to your product or service in the body of your article, rather link to this in your biography. We will not accept overly promotional articles.

Please do not submit contribution requests or include links to products that are not in line with our philosophy of natural health,

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