Eat for Life

Fresh Ingredients are Key!
Creating food that is healthy and delicious really depends on your desire to cook and most importantly the right ingredients.  We have found that locally grown organic foods, such as fruits, vegetables and squash are much more delicious, because they are harvested at the right time, are not mass-produced, or treated with wax to make them more appealing or sprayed with harmful pesticides.  The same is also true for meats, fish and poultry.

Organic Veggies
We choose to buy grass-fed organic beef, lamb, wild fish and seafood, and organic chicken that have not been fed with growth hormones or corn meal. We try to buy organic foods whenever possible, especially locally grown. There are many local farmers’ markets around cities; you just have to look for them. Google farmer’s market and you’ll find many in just about every city. Produce Stand

They are fun and there is always something going on. Kids love them, people bring their dogs, and everyone is usually in a good mood.  People are typically not in a rush, and are always happy to tell you about their products. Isn’t farmer’s market stuff more expensive? Actually not. The prices are very competitive and you have to remember, that you are getting really healthy foods that will change the way you feel and experience food.


The real understanding of the power of food which fuels us, only truly manifests when we pick our ingredients with an intention of creating a meal for ourselves and our families. Feeding ourselves properly and nutritiously is not an inconvenience, rather it is a necessity and should be a beautiful experience. Eating healthy and becoming healthy cannot really be mandated by anyone other than you. It’s a conscious decision, a mental leap if you will.  There is no cheating; you have to stick to your decision to eat clean and healthy. When we travel, we try not to eat processed foods, but if we don’t have any other choices, we choose only minimally processed and organic. Usually we just opt for raw foods if the other choices are processed. Remember it is a conscious decision to eat “Clean and Truly Healthy” not a cleansing or a diet that you try for 30 days. Eating clean is a choice not a sacrifice, you’re really not giving anything up, you’re gaining strength, vitality and balance by choosing a gluten and grain-free way of life. Don’t just eat to overcome hunger, instead celebrate your food.  You have to cook and eat for life!
Check out Paul Jaminet, Ph.D. and his amazing site, Perfect Health Diet, on healthy eating.



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  1. it is surprisingly easy to make your own vanilla extract. by a small hip flask of any alcohol you want, i prefer rum for baking, but vodka is a good choice too. slice open 1 whole vanilla bean so the seeds are exposed and put into flask. wait a month and use. the flavor is better than any store bought, plus you can be sure of the ingredients. i may as well warn you, you will be spoiled for good. plus it is easy to remember to start a new batch whenever you crack open a new bottle. what could be simpler?


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