10 minute dinner: Grass-fed Grilled Flank Steak

We understand that you don’t always have time to prepare a killer marinade. Although marinated skirt or flank steak is so much more tender, it’s not always in the best interest of time. If you want to eat well, fairly inexpensive and quickly, you can do so by making some grilled flank steak tonight. We usually get ours from the Fishhugger. The recipe below calls for 2 lbs, although it’s usually just under and will leave you with extra, which is excellent for your eggs the next morning. Mmmmm…steak and eggs!

What if I don’t have a grill you ask?

No problem, easy! Whip out your cast iron skillet (you do have one, right?) 🙂 and cook the steak that way instead. If the steak is too large, simply cut it in half (against the grain) and cook one half at a time. The steak will typically take about 3 – 4 minutes on each side to be medium rare.

Grilled Grass-fed Flank Steak

Condiment options:


2 lbs Grass-fed Flank Steak
2 pinch Sea salt to taste
2 pinch Black pepper to taste
3 pinch Turkish Cumin to taste

Trim any large pieces of fat that may burn on the grill and with a meat tenderizer pound both sides. Rub with salt, pepper and cumin, spray with olive oil (both sides) and roll in plastic wrap. This keeps the meat nice and red and also makes it easy to take out to your BBQ. Once your BBQ is nice and hot, place steak (unwrapped 🙂 onto grill for 2 minutes, turn 90 degrees to get a nice cross hatch for 1 minute, then flip and repeat. Your flank steak should be done in about 7 minutes for rare-plus, as we show in our picture.

If you like your meat medium-rare cook it for 4 minutes on each side.

We like to cut our flank steak into strips – be sure to cut against the grain of the steak, otherwise it will be hard to chew. Our flank steak is nice and soft, very moist and best of all very quick.

We usually serve it with Cayenne Sweet Potatoes and a light green salad.