Thai Bananas in Coconut Milk (Kluai Nam Wa) Paleo-ized

These last few days have been incredibly busy, thus the late post.  So as a reward for your patience, we thought it pertinent to share a dessert with you. 🙂 It is super delicious, very easy to make, has no added sugar and can be enjoyed warm or cold.  As many of you know, we love Thai foods and really anything made with coconut.

Today we’d like to share a very popular and traditional Thai dessert with you, minus the added sugar.  Thai Bananas in Coconut Milk or Kluai Nam Wa, eliminating the sugar makes this a perfect Paleo dessert.

Ingredients that you will need for 4 serving of Paleo-ized Kluai Nam Wa:

  • 3 – 5 Red bananas (can also use regular bananas)
  • 1/4 cup Coconut Cream
  • 1 1/2 cup Coconut Milk
  • 1 pinch Sea Salt
  • 1 tsp Organic Vanilla Extract

We recently covered why cooking with coconut oil is good and beneficial for us. Many folks have asked us about Coconut Cream lately, what it is, why it’s good for us, etc. So we wanted to shed some light on it, as we enjoy it all the time. It’s an amazing energy food and it’s completely natural. Coconut Cream Concentrate is certified organic whole coconut meat in concentrated form. It contains no additives* (not even water).  The dried coconut meat is ground into a very fine powder, giving it a creamy consistency due to its high fat content. Since it is 70% fat, it is a rich source of pure coconut oil.  Note: this is a food, not a cooking oil.

Why red bananas? Because they are less sweet, have a slightly tangy taste and don’t get as mushy as yellow bananas. This dish can also be made with the little greenish yellow cousin (not to be confused with plantains) of these little red lovelies.

So how do you make this traditional dish?

Peel the bananas and cut them vertically into half, then once again cut the pieces horizontally, basically resulting in 4 pieces for each banana.
Pour the coconut milk into a small sauce pan and heat on high until it begins to boil. Once the coconut milk is at a boiling point, add bananas and tiny pinch of sea salt and reduce heat to medium. Cook bananas until tender, but be careful not to overcook them, or they will be a mash.  Once they are tender turn off the heat. Now add the coconut cream to the pan. Continue to stir, carefully, until all the lumps have disappeared. Let it cool for 15 to 20 minutes and serve.
Note: The bananas should remain as distinct pieces and not break down to a pulp.  We love this dessert cold as well.

Want to add an antioxidant punch?

Follow the preparation instructions above, but add fresh berries, such as raspberries, blueberries and some strawberries with a little cinnamon on top! Oh, yeah baby! 🙂 Now that our friends, is Food Porn.