Bolitas de Platano Maduro con Tocino (Plantian Balls)

Oh my Goodness…those are the words that describe these amazing little guys.  I came home from the gym the other night and the house smelled incredible, different, but yet familiar. I smelled Colombian food, but really could not place it. You will have to make this to really get the flavors to explode.

Henry had developed a new side dish, which has made it into the top ranks of my favorites immediately.

You will need the following for 1 serving, approximately 4 balls:

  1. 1 ripe (golden yellow) plantain
  2. 1 thick slice of bacon
  3. 1 garlic clove
  4. a small wedge of Mitika goat cheese, chop into small bits, as the bacon and garlic
  5. a little sea salt and fresh cracked pepper
Chop garlic and bacon into very small bits, and brown in an iron skillet; fish the bacon and garlic out, leaving the bacon grease.  In a mixing bowl mash the plantain with a potato masher. Don’t use a handheld mixer as the plantain will get too soft. Fold the bacon, garlic and cheese into the mashed plantain.
Grease small cupcake molds with some of the left over bacon grease and convection bake them on 400 degrees F for 20 minutes, or until you see them getting really golden brown with a little bit of crust.
This side dish is awesome for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 🙂 Thanks Henry for another great dish.