Introducing our SHOP

After many years of sharing various recipes and alternative options for a gluten-free and anti-inflammatory way of eating, we are proud to be able to offer you our Kitchari Kit and Ancient Spice Blends now available in our SHOP.

Our KITCHARI KIT is less expensive, offers nutritious quinoa instead of rice, and is excellent for weight loss and necessary cleansing of your digestive system. Give yourself a break, once a month, and allow your intestines to take a rest with minimal effort, yet providing incredible nutrition.

Our SPICE BLENDS are a combination of distinctly aromatic spices, which come from around the world for centuries, offering powerful nutritional profiles and healing qualities. We have our favorite blends that we make ourselves and use on a daily basis, and are now offering some of those for your own cooking pleasure. They are truly lovely and will leave you smiling from when you open the 100% biodegradable bag to creating and enjoying your dishes. All of our blends are mixed by hand and ground freshly to order. More blends and accompanying recipes coming soon! 

Our Kitchari Kit and Spice Blends are packaged in planet eco-friendly plant cellulose cellophane that is 100% compostable, as are our lables – leaving no refuse footprint. 

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