Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

We made this delicious appetizer for our dinner guests last weekend, and they loved it. It is very easy to make, is very nutritious and makes a great starter for just about any gathering.  Wait did we just say that bacon was nutritious?  Yes, friends, contrary to what you’ve been told saturated fat’s are actually good for you!

Click here for Mark Sisson’s definitive guide to Saturated Fat’s to learn more…  then, click here to read why Dr. Kurt Harris recommends saturated fats above polyunsaturated “conventional wisdom-healthy” fats.

We cooked these on a hot-plate cooker, but you could easily make them in a non-stick pan or better yet a cast-iron pan. We wanted to show you that you can either wrap the entire asparagus stalk, cook it and then cut it into bite sizes or wrap up some bite size bits to start with; either way you’ll love it.

The key is to get very fresh asparagus, look for some that do not bend easily are vibrant green in color and are a little thicker. Remember to cut about an inch off the bottom so that you’re not biting into a possible woody part of the stalk.

You should always choose bacon that is:

We used Thick Sliced Dry Rubbed All Natural Uncured Bacon from Wellshire for these babies here. It is one of the best bacon that we’ve had. Wonderful stuff.

Wrap one asparagus stalk with one slice of bacon and fasten with 1/2 toothpick. Cook them on medium until golden and semi-crispy and then simply enjoy!

Bacon…Bacon…Bacon….we love bacon! 🙂