Halloween Treat Alternatives

Halloween is a fun time for kids, but Henry and I are having a hard time handing out candy to kids these days.  The typical Halloween treat bag will only add to our obesity epidemic, childhood diabetes, and other health and wellness issues.  Don’t rain on my kid’s parade you say?  Well, we actually want to help your kids’ health and try to offer alternatives to hand out this year.  You can make it fun for them with more meaningful treats.

I’ve heard people say, “oh, just get some ‘granola bars’ on sale, they are still better than chocolate or candy, and hand them some fun popcorn bags, delicious and healthy”.  Hmmm…not so.  Why not so you ask?  For one most granola and/or protein bars are just candy in disguise. Why are gluten and grains not good for us? Check the ingredients and the sugar content to see what we mean.  A Snickers bar is often a better or healthier choice than some of these “healthy” bars.   The popcorn yet another grain with all of the anti-nutrients and related health and digestive issues.

Natural treats such as fruits etc. are out of the question.  Apples, fruits, and other natural things have gotten a bad wrap because some people have injected them with poison or they could spoil, which makes anything natural potentially dangerous, and will most likely end up in the trash can.  Sad but true. 😦

What can you treat these little vampires and dinosaurs with then?

You may look for some dark chocolate and hand those out along with some walnuts or other nuts in their shells. Another option may be to hand out some individualized packaged dried sulfur-free fruit. Delicious and healthy.

We recommend heading down to your local type Walmart store or the Dollar Store to get some cool paper goods, pencils, pens, stickers, balloons, cool lunch baggies, key chains, anything that little boys or girls like to covet for a while. They are equally easy on your budget and it will make you stand out as a caring neighbor. Try it and help us set a trend, looking forward to hearing from you on this topic.

Have a fun, safe, and Happy Halloween!