Guest Post: Coffee – The Healthy Choice We Can Make Every Day

A balanced lifestyle can benefit mind, body, and spirit.  Making the right choices each day in what we put into our bodies not only determines how we feel, but how much energy we have. The same goes when we discuss what we are contributing to our health, rather than taking from it.  Local, organic vegetables, and other natural products add more nutrients and sustenance compared to processed food.  Coffee is no exception.  With millions of coffee drinkers out there, there are some healthier methods of brewing your must-have daily cup. 

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A Healthy Staple

Coffee is a staple in most people’s lives.  Without a morning cup, it seems like our routine is thrown off or we don’t have the energy boost that we usually get from our daily cup.  Not only does coffee provide energy, but it also stimulates our brain and nervous system, thereby increasing alertness and energy.  Coffee is known for its high concentration of antioxidants, which help fight diseases.  It can also be found in many fruits and vegetables.  We need antioxidants in our body to stay healthy, and coffee is one of its top sources.

Choose Wisely

An Organic type of coffee affects the number of antioxidants, and other health benefits you can receive.  Organic is known to have less tampering of the beans.  It means that they were grown using cleaner methods, and less synthesized fertilizers and other related products.

Organic beans are said to have better taste because they are produced naturally.  Because they were grown using fewer chemicals, it also helps the environment by keeping the insecticides and other chemicals to a minimum. These beans also have more antioxidants and are a healthier option for your daily caffeine intake.

Gluten-Free That’s Me

Many people are allergic or can’t handle Gluten in their systems, and there is a good reason why.  Gluten is found in a variety of grains and can increase inflammation and your blood sugar.  Over time, the effects of Gluten can damage our health, especially those that suffer from Celiac disease or diabetes.  In fact, Gluten can cause hypoglycemia, diabetes, and other afflictions.  Many have chosen to eat and drink gluten-free items, which are available in most supermarkets, due to the high number of people following the Gluten-free life.

You Have Options

Coffee can upset the diet and systems of anyone living a Gluten-free life.  However, you do have options for your coffee to keep it part of your routine.  Coffee is one of the most highly demanded products worldwide.  The market for coffee is huge, and that has some advantages for healthier options.  Gluten-free coffees do exist.  Purchasing grounds from businesses that offer gluten-free coffee or ordering online are your best bet.  Flavored coffees from restaurants and gas stations are usually not free of Gluten, so watch out for these.  Also, look for disclaimers in restaurants and other coffee-shop locations that offer a “cross-contamination” warning.  It means that regular coffee and gluten-free products may be brewed on the same machines.

Healthy living is a choice, and with so many making it a priority, it has forced stores and marketers to come up with healthier options.  You can never go wrong with local, organic foods and products that include coffee!  They have high nutritional value, taste better, and are good for you.  Gluten-free items like coffee exist now too.  You may have to order them online or visit a specialty store that has healthy options.  Drink up this morning, because your coffee has some fantastic health benefits that can get your body awake and start in the right direction.

Since she started We Dream of Coffee, Sarah has appreciated a better and healthier lifestyle because of the benefits of the drink she writes about. Learn about techniques, varieties, and facts about coffee on her blog.

Thank you Sarah for your contribution! NK