Happy Easter!

Ahhh the wonderful taste and power of eggs.  There are so many things that you can do with eggs, boil them, poach them, bake with them, color them for easter, devil them…on and on it goes.

We grew up with true cage-free and free-range eggs. The chickens were not confined to some little patch of dirt, they got to eat grasses and worms and everything else that’s natural and tasty to chickens.  The proof is in the shape and color of the eggs, the yolks are beautiful and deep yellow and orange. The taste is amazing and not watery as with the eggs that you’ll find in grocery stores.  Check out this photo of true cage-free and free-range.  

Now that’s an Easter basket! 🙂

You can purchase these wonderful eggs at your local Farmers Markets and are typically priced around $5 for a dozen. Totally worth it.

Mark Sisson recently wrote an interesting article on Egg Purchasing Guide where he talks about the differences in eggs at stores. Very cool and interesting.

Since so many people hard boil eggs for Easter, color and hide them for their kids, I thought it would be pertinent to share a recipe with you that you can quickly make with all those left over hard-boiled eggs.

Let’s face it, nobody is going to eat all of them just straight up.  After the kids have had their fun, celebrate the day with turning them into Deviled Sweet Potato Eggs.  A party favorite at our house.

Deviled Sweet Potato Eggs


12 Eggs hard-boiled
50 grams Sweet Potato boiled
1 pinch Sea salt to taste
1 pinch Cayenne to taste
1/8 cup Cream
1 tablespoon Greek Yogurt

Hard boil a dozen eggs and set aside to cool, peel and cut length wise. Gently pop out the egg yolk and in a mixing bowl blend with sweet potato, sea salt, cayenne, cream and greek yogurt. We use a handheld blender for best results.

We boil sweet potatoes ahead of time and usually have some on hand.

Fill mixture into a pastry bag (I have one for baking and one for cooking) and dress into egg whites. Arrange on a serving platter and watch your guests enjoy!

Tip: We serve left over filling as dip with plantain chips!