Sauteed Beef Kidneys

We haven’t posted any offal lately, but could not resist sharing this with you. We got our whole steer not to long ago from our favorite local ranch, Date Creek Ranch. Always make sure that you eat grass-fed, and know where your meat is coming from. Why should you eat kidney? Kidney is a good source of Protein, Vitamin C and Zinc, and a great source of Vitamin A, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folate, Vitamin B12, Pantothenic Acid, Iron, Phosphorus, Copper and Selenium. Here is what you will need and how to go about making it. Serves 4, unless … Continue reading Sauteed Beef Kidneys

Taro and Bacon Hash

If you are looking for an alternative to your traditional carbs, such as sweet potatoes or cassava root, etc. try these amazing taro roots in this super easy hash.  It is amazing, please let us know what you think of these little gems. The flavor of these taro are so silky and smooth, you have to try these. Just writing about these make my mouth water…left overs are great with eggs or sardines, or anything that you love. Ingredients 10 Small Taro Roots (peeled and diced) 3 Strips Thick Nitrate Free Bacon (diced) 1 Tbsp Virgin Coconut Oil Fresh Ground … Continue reading Taro and Bacon Hash

Pan Roasted Purple Sweet Potatoes

We love sweet potatoes, as you know. We make lots of great dishes with them, including a delicious Filipino dish called Ube, but today we are going to share a new way to enjoy these ultra delicious potatoes.  We like eating these before or after a long or high intensity workout.  Along with Taro, Green Plantains, and Cassava we consider these excellent sources of low glycemic carbohydrates (or “safe starches”).  Sweet Potatoes are also high in caratenoids, vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. This dish boasts fresh ingredients, coconut oil and is jam packed with perfect carbs and glucose. Here’s what you will … Continue reading Pan Roasted Purple Sweet Potatoes

Paleo Ube Jam – Purple Yam Jam

A few years ago on a trip to the Phillipines, Henry made the day trip from Manila to The Good Shepherd Convent in the town of Baguio.  This Convent is world renowned for their delicious desserts, specifically their Ube Halaya or Ube Jam.  What is Ube Jam?  A delicious combination of Purple “Yams” (Sweet Potatoes really), Evaporated Milk, and Sugar. The Good Shepherd version of this Filipino dish is so popular, that you have to wait in a long line, and you can only buy two at a time!  Obviously, the sugar and milk make this a non-starter for our whole food/real … Continue reading Paleo Ube Jam – Purple Yam Jam

Breakfast BLE – Bacon Liver and Egg

Yes, my wonderful husband was at it again…he made an amazing breakfast for me since I was not going to be able to eat all day due to meetings, etc. He used fresh left over liver filets from our most amazing dinner, another new liver recipe which we will post soon. This amazing breakfast consisted of one cage free egg a perfect strip of bacon, a few slices of boiled sweet potato and an deliciously prepared slice of fresh calf liver, roasted in a few green onions. We already know that you can prepare all other ingredients to perfection, but … Continue reading Breakfast BLE – Bacon Liver and Egg

Nutty Kitchen Thanksgiving 2010

Oh my…what a great week! No post this past Monday because we will be featuring and sharing our Thanksgiving Menu with you this Wednesday before the wonderful celebration. We will be posting all of our recipes following Thanksgiving. Hmmm….ceviche you say? A bit unconventional? …absolutely! But, Luis is visiting from Bogotá and this is one of his signature dishes, so we are incorporating it into our meal as a starter and palate cleanser the same. I know that it will rock, but for those guests that would rather stick to our soup – they can. Please click on the menu … Continue reading Nutty Kitchen Thanksgiving 2010

Power Breakfast for One

Eating alone just is not that fun, but I like to eat right so I have to continue to cook even if I am alone for a few days. To keep this one short and simple, I would love to share one of my breakfasts with you. This 3 ingredient breakfast should take you no longer than 7 to 10 minutes, and will keep you full and energetic for hours. Sweet Potato, about 2 inches of a 2 inch diameter one 1 egg 2 slices of your favorite bacon I love our cast iron pan, so I fried up the … Continue reading Power Breakfast for One

Sweet Potato Cayenne Battered Sea Bass

You may have noticed that we had to skip Monday’s post…we’ll we were on the road, and it was literally impossible. I got home this afternoon and had to hit the ground running with catching up with work and other things. I managed to fit spin class in, of course, and had nothing in the fridge tonight, so….  I went to the store and got a beautiful piece of sea bass. I needed my protein – since I had not had enough yet today,  but I also needed some good carbs for my post workout. I really did not want … Continue reading Sweet Potato Cayenne Battered Sea Bass

Tamarind Duck with Rosemary Tuber Hash

While I did laundry and ran some errands, Henry got busy in the Nutty Kitchen. We had our wonderful friends Amy and Zach over for dinner and enjoyed what we call an orgasmic meal together. The only thing that Henry let me do was to chop the Serranos, otherwise, I got to chill and have wine with my girlfriend and catch up. I am so lucky! See if you can replicate this, it’s not difficult, it just takes a little more time due to the Tamarind, but it is such a delicious celebration that it is worth the extra effort. … Continue reading Tamarind Duck with Rosemary Tuber Hash