Wild Black Rice Burger Patties with Dover Sole

It’s been a little while since we posted last, so very much has happened – the most important and sad is that we have lost our boy Tiger, who you see on our last post. We have not had the heart or mindset until now to think of other things. We will miss him forever! … ***** Thank you all for you patience in waiting for this post and thank you for your continued support and love. Today we would like to feature a new spin on how you serve a burger, your style and burger patty of choice. This … Continue reading Wild Black Rice Burger Patties with Dover Sole

Mixed Ceviche (without Onions)

We love ceviche just about every way. This past spring we enjoyed some variations with juices and coconut milk  in Bogotá, Colombia. In my opinion, Colombia has some of the tastiest ceviche. Ours today has three different seafood in it, for taste and texture. We chose to leave the onions out of this dish this time, and we did not miss them, actually. It is very important to get enough lime juice and the proper balance of spices. I am not a big fan of adding spices in which the dish is marinating, rather we prefer to sprinkle cayenne and … Continue reading Mixed Ceviche (without Onions)

Boneless Leg of Lamb in Heavy Cream Sauce

My mom’s secret boneless leg of lamb recipe shared with you in honor of her. In this past visit she took such great care of us, cooking and loving us everyday, treating us to amazing meal after amazing meal. We could not help but to share this with you. As complex as this tastes, it is not that difficult to make. Top restaurants in Vienna serve this dish, in my opinion – not this good.  (and they use flour) Give this a try and please send us your feedback. The beautiful ingredients are: 5 lbs of leg of lamb, cut … Continue reading Boneless Leg of Lamb in Heavy Cream Sauce